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Pro-Tec Electronics

Pro-Tec Electronics 

Pro-Tec Electronics
About us

As a company who has evolved over the years we are proud to have such a tight knit group of employess that we can call "Family". Through thick and thin we have stuck together and grown a company we can all be proud of. This is reflected in the quality of work we do and the care and workmanship we provide to our customers.



We began installing “Drive-Thru Communications” systems in 1981 when we became 3M dealers for their QSR and background music products. In the coming years we have taken on other product lines such as Fast Track 2+2 timers and security camera systems. In 2012 we were glad to get onboard with HME and their great line of products including drive thru headsets and timer systems. 


History of our company

In 1922, William Ochs established Ochs Service on West Side Avenue in Jersey City, to serve his community’s electrical needs. Over its more than eighty years of operation, the company has evolved from light bulbs and electrical equipment to its present position as a leading provider of large electrical systems, installed for its many industrial and commercial clients.

In addition to his entrepreneurial leanings, William Ochs was a radio enthusiast, building his own transceiver before such devices were commonplace. He tuned it with the help of another pioneer in the “sound reinforcement” business, Norman Rauland from Chicago. Their friendship developed into the award of the first Rauland-Borg franchise in New Jersey for the distribution of school and commercial sound systems.

Earning a Place in History

Ochs Service participated in several local and presidential elections, providing amplification during rallies and public meetings. In November of 1927, Ochs was invited to provide the amplification for the dedication of the Holland Tunnel in NYC. The company was also the exclusive public address system providers for four presidents in New Jersey, including John F. Kennedy. And when Ellis Island was reopened to the public in 1990, Ochs/Pro-Tec provided the PA system for the dedication ceremony.

Branching Out

Third-generation manager Gary Evaslin took over the presidential reins in 1971, incorporating the business the very next year. In 1978, soon after Charles Frazier joined the company, the two men expanded the Ochs product line, taking the business to a new level with the inception of Pro-Tec Electronics.

With the increased popularity of fast-food restaurants and drive-thru windows, Charlie and Gary established a 3M dealership in 1981 and began installing “Drive-Thru Communications” systems. To date, those systems have taken the company through four generations of 3M equipment. Along with satellite background music, speed-of-service timers, and closed-circuit surveillance and security, the company offers fast food restaurants full maintenance of their communications systems.

In 1991, Sales Manager Miriam Evaslin was elected to the Board of Directors of the National Systems Contractor Association, a national organization of systems integrators serving communications contractors. After a 10-year term, she served on the association’s education foundation, which raises funds for further education of members and supplies educational tools and courses for people interested in entering the world of communications.

Embracing the Digital Age

In 1997, Charles Frazier took the business to an even higher level by acquiring his Microsoft Certified Professional Engineer certification (MCSE), after which Pro-Tec Solutions was launched. A full-service computer networking provider and Microsoft Small Business specialist, Pro-Tec Solutions offers complete installation of networking and cabling systems. The company also offers service contracts for the maintenance of those systems, affording its customers uninterrupted service well beyond an initial installation.

The marriage of Ochs Service, Inc.Pro-Tec Electronics, and Pro-Tec Solutions gives the customer true one-stop shopping. Under the direction of highly-trained and certified management, all company divisions have earned an enviable reputation. Ochs/Pro-Tec is especially aware of the specific needs of the automobile, quick-service restaurant, and banking industries.

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